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Death as a friend

Realizing Impermanence and waking up to Love and Life’s preciousness - welcoming the inescapable

We come out of mystery -being born, and we will return to mystery - dying, that’s the only thing we can be sure off. We come into form, and we shift back to the formless just like everything in nature.

In our culture life and death are kept divided which has consequence on how we see death and how we live our life. We often treat death as an enemy, something to fear and be anxious about.  Something to overcome with the wish to live as long as possible.  We mostly live life built on forgetfulness and denial. Unless you are suddenly faced with death, by a loss of a loved one, or your own realization of a nearing death, you wake up and  have the opportunity to befriend death, making it part of your life. Death defines our life and gives it shape and meaning.

During these 4 days, we will explore death as a friend and as a Zen Master, an immediate source of our own power and a direct path to lucidity, always ready to wake us up. If we dare to stop running and face death…it will change our lives completely.

We will look at existential questions:

* What is truly essential for me in my life?
* How to deal with loss and grieving, how to accept change and dare to live love to its fullest.
* What is my soul’s calling and journey?
* What responsibilities and projects/missions am I entrusted with this lifetime?

We will move deeply into meditation that will support our presence and ability to be aware of what is.  And of course, we will cry and laugh, and learn how to come out of isolation, how to be with friends, how to be vulnerable, and slowly learn to trust, instead of control the unknown and unknowable.

”How I understand Death - it is the key to life!” / Turiya

Turiya är tränad i Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, kroppsorienterad psykoterapi, Diamond Logos Essence Work, gestalt- och familjeterapi. Hon har arbetat som terapeut sedan 1973 och har utvecklat och varit delskapare av många framgångsrika terapeutiska processer som The Art of Dying och The Path of Love Process.

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