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Love In Action - Counseling from the heart


To know yourself as love is the first important step, the second step is to share this love with the world.


This is a training to deeply understand Love in action. This mean deepening your understanding of our human to human interactions. A training for you who is working with people, or you who simply love other human beings. As a counsellor you can only share, what you have understood and realized yourself. This training is a deep transformative process for you  that also will give you tools of how to be with clients. You will be exploring self-inquiry, meditation and practicing giving sessions under supervision.

This training is open to everyone: Counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Business Consultants, Teachers, Bodyworkers, Massage Therapists, Aura Soma Therapists, Meditation Teachers, Healers and everyone interested in their own unfolding.

At the end of the training the participant will receive a certificate of completion.


Self exploration as the Counsellor:

∙ Finding the connection with one’s own heart & practicing self acceptance
∙ Listening & communicating from the heart
∙ Responding to the moment out of one’s source
∙ Exploring Synchronicity
∙ Accessing one’s intuition
∙ Recognising one’s own issues while counselling
∙ Learning to love one’s blind spots and identify one's projections

Client oriented skills:

∙ Basic NLP and communication skills
∙ Establishing rapport with the client and growing awareness of Counsellor /Client relationship
∙ Pacing and leading
∙ Identifying and clarifying the client’s issue
∙ Identifying the client’s attitude to his/her issue: Awareness? Acceptance? Identification?
∙ Supporting the client to connect with his/her own wisdom to solve his/her problem
∙ Exploring the layers of the mind

Rahasya är medicine doktor - utbildad i Tyskland, andlig terapeut och författare, som har arbetat med människor i mer än 30 år. Rahasya delar med sig av sin kärlek, sitt ljus och sina insikter vid satsanger, utbildningar, kurser och retreater över hela världen. Rahasyas undervisning är enkel, djup och transformerande.

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16.900 SEK varav moms 2.373 SEK


JUL 8 Sat 20:00 -
JUL 14 Fri 15:00 2023
Med Rahasya

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