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Body Types & Body Reading Training

This six day experiential training is designed to train you how to recoqnize
a client type through body reading and at the same time it will give you insights into your own habitual defences and potential in a fascinating new way.


The understanding of character types through body reading was
originally developed from the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich by
Alexander Lowen, who related the psychoanalytic character types to
particular body shapes.

The Training will ground this knowledge in clear concepts of
childhood development. According to Lowen, the body types are
referred to as an“armouring” which “protects” or “defends” the traumas hidden
within. Each body type has a bright aspect and a dark aspect. We
have found that by letting the dark aspect be seen in a loving
setting the light aspect can open up and shine.

This training will help tune your intuition to the deeper
underlying needs and issues of your client, which they often can’t verbalize.
And we will spend a whole day on each body type, learning
experientially what each character type feels like from the inside,
with group structures to evoke its characteristic feelings.

For people who have done extensive therapy themselves, this work
can shine surprising light on which actions, behaviours and choices
in their life are flowing naturally from their essence, and which are
effortful or defensive.

The training is illuminated by the understandings of meditation: that
there is a place of pure presence inside each one of us, beyond all
protective adaptations and character types.


• The course is for you if you who are any type of counsellor, body
worker, psychotherapist, Reiki practitioner, healer or

• Non-therapists with previous experience of personal
development can also attend, by interview.


• You will learn the specific and practical steps on the journey of
healing for each body type – the risk and challenges each
needs to take, the issues they need to focus on, the
things they are likely to want to avoid.

• You will learn to see the essence, not the armouring. To see
the love and aliveness deeper inside, behind the effortful

• You will learn the characteristic flavour, which the inner
potentialities have in each body type, and what you can best
do to support that potential to be liberated.

• You will learn the main patterns of how your clients are likely
to approach therapy, and how they are likely to respond to
you as you work with them.

• If you are a body worker, you will learn specific information
about which muscles hold the emotional tension in different
types of person.

• If you are a talking therapist, we will explore strategies for
working with each type of defence. And if you are a body
worker, the training will explain which specific muscle groups
hold tensions, and how to work to release those.

• If you are interested to deepen your understanding of
yourself, you will get the tools to read your own body and get
a deeper connection and understanding of your own history.


PART 1: 13.160 + MOMS = 15.400

PART 2: 13.160 + MOMS = 15.400




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