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When will I get a confirmation and response from you?

We respond to all emails on the same day or on the first weekday. Sometimes mail can end up in our spam filters, so if you haven't heard from us, please check the filter and mail us again at

How do you stay while visiting Baravara?

Our accommodation at Baravara is in a shared twin room.

Can a course get canceled?

Yes, sometimes we have to cancel a course, and if we do you will be notified 14 days before the course start date. Full repayment of your course fee will then be made as soon as we have received your account details. Our recommendation is to always book rebookable train and air tickets.

What does a course day look like? Is there any further description of how the course is designed? Am I meant to be quiet during the course?

The course is designed to give you an opportunity to be with yourself, reflect, feel and express your thoughts and feelings. You are silent during the breaks so you get a chance to hear yourself.

Is it inappropriate to come with someone I know before?

It is perfectly ok to attend with someone you know if you both can be focused on yourself and if you do not feel that you are limited by your friend's presence.

Do you encourage participants to take several courses or can you feel comfortable with just taking one course?

You can feel completely comfortable with just taking one course, for many it goes a long way and creates a much needed break and opening in life.

What does Baravara have to do with the Osho movement and how does this connection manifest itself?

Baravara is independent and does not belong to any movement. We are inspired by Osho's view of therapy and meditation, but also by Carl Rogers, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Dr Peter Levine, Caroline Myss, Gabor Mate, Brené Brown and others. We draw inspiration from people who basically say the same thing, something we ourselves experienced and experience during each course at Baravara, how much pain our thoughts and judgments about ourselves and others can create, how hard it is to accept reality and life as it is and how important it is to stop, breathe and be present.

The therapists working at Baravara share the view that therapy in itself is not enough to create a long lasting change, you need meditation and presence to nourish the inner contact with yourself. This is the basis of Osho's teachings, he combined Western humanistic psychology with Eastern meditation which at that time was something entirely new.

I have heard that many are separating with their partners after attending a course at Baravara, is that correct?

Of course, it can happen, but it is just as common that people return home and with a  renewed energy in their relationship. In some cases you may already have a relationship that doesn't work optimally before the course, then it may be that, with the course, you gain insights that gives you the courage you need to break out of a relationship that you have previously wanted to leave. We do not encourage anyone to leave their partner, rather we usually say that one should not go home and make major changes or decisions but let the process land in everyday life. Sometimes love arises between the participants, we usually point out that often when you open up to your own feelings and start to connect with self-love it can be mistaken as love for someone else and we have as a guideline that if attraction arises - abstain since its more likely it is self love you are experiencing.

I'm pregnant and want to go course, can I?

We do not recommend taking a course at Baravara when you are pregnant. We do not believe that it is good for the fetus to be exposed to the emotional and physical exercises that make up a large part of the course content and thus you would miss a significant aspect of what we offer.

Can you cure your cancer by taking a course at Baravara?

Some wonder if we think we can cure cancer. Unfortunately, Vedam has gone through chemotherapy and both Vedam and Gayan have undergone surgery, they would not be alive without the effort made by general medicine, and would always recommend taking the help that is available. What we offer is support to deal with the emotions that arise in connection with life crises, illness, separations, divorces, stress and life in general. But not as a cure. What Vedam and Gayan wanted to create with Baravara is a place for people to stop, to take time to reflect and feel. To start learning compassion for themselves and others, something we wish we all learned much earlier in life.

Is everyone welcome at Baravara?

Everyone is welcome at Baravara, but Baravara may not be right for everyone. We are careful to understand if there is mental instability in a person's history, if you are struggling with diagnosed mental symptoms we do not recommend Baravara. This does not mean that you have to feel good to come here, many who attend our courses feel sad, maybe burned out or depressed and then Baravara is a good alternative. Everyone who wants to come to Baravara can fill out a questionnaire so that we can consider whether it is right to come or not.

How does Baravara take responsibility for what is experienced and the time afterwards?

You who come to Baravara are an adult who can take responsibility for your own life, we obviously support you during the course in every way and through the emotional experiences you have. Our courses are designed to give you time to integrate your experiences before you go home, but for many it is nevertheless overwhelming to return to everyday life. We recommend finding a routine of meditation to allow yourself to land after a course at Baravara. We have also been involved in supporting Urban OM in Stockholm, a place where there is meditation, yoga and several of our therapists so that you can continue your inner journey.

What about confidentiality?

Everything that happens at Baravara is confidential, including those who attend the course. You are here to focus on yourself and what is said and done during the course should stay with you. This means you do not talk about the experience of others, you can of course talk about the feelings and experiences you have had but not about someone else's.

I have an electric car - can I charge it at Baravara?

Yes, we have a charging station in collaboration with Mer: You will find more information on their website

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