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Door Opener 2


This five day group is for you who have done Door Opener 1 and who want more.

In our daily lives we often encounter old patterns and reactions that can repeat over and over again. Despite having a deep longing for something more fulfilling, we can easily get stuck in self destructive behaviors. During these days you will get support to break these old patterns and to see what is preventing you from living your truth and full potential. With deeper insights gained during this group and from a foundation of trust you can begin to experience your intimate relationships in a new light and with greater love and understanding. 

The group is a process to:
* Learn to trust your own feelings, thoughts, and intuition
* Learn to be present, to feel and accept whatever happens to you in each moment
* Dare to take the risk to be honest and show your vulnerability
* Become more conscious and take responsibility for how you judge yourself and others
* Become conscious of how you compromise your life.

Isa holds a degree in psychology from the University of Stockholm, an education in psychotherapy from SAPU and has dedicated the last 15 years to train as a therapist. She has assisted personal growth groups extensively and is trained in Trauma therapy. She is co-creator of Urban OM and recieves clients in Stockholm. For the last ten years she has also been part of creating and running Baravara. Isa is passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and finding the courage to be real.

Praful shares his love of serving the inner potential and the spiritual growth of human beings with passion, joy and commitment.

In his sharings all around the world, he creatively integrates his life experiences as friend, husband, father, traveller and meditator, with multiple approaches for self discovery. He is trained in Life Coaching, Counseling, Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing®), Family and Systemic Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Primal Work, Breath Therapy, NLP, Bioenergetic, BodyWork and Meditation. He is also a registered SIAF in Italy and a certified Trainer Holistic Counsellor. He is one of the leaders of "Path of Love" Process.


11.100 + vat =
12.900 SEK



SEP 28 Tue 7:00pm -
OCT 3 Sun 2:00pm 2021
With Isa & Praful

NOV 16 Tue 8:00pm -
NOV 21 Sun 3:00pm 2021
With Isa & Praful

MAR 15 Tue 8:00pm -
MAR 20 Sun 3:00pm 2022
With Praful & Isa

SEP 27 Tue 8:00pm -
OCT 2 Sun 3:00pm 2022
With Praful & Isa

NOV 15 Tue 8:00pm -
NOV 20 Sun 3:00pm 2022
With Praful & Isa

To participate in Door Opener 2 we require that you have already participated in Door Opener 1 or similar.

This group is held in English.

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