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Deep Tissue Bodywork Training

Learn the art of deep tissue bodywork and join us for an in-depth self exploration through giving and receiving conscious touch

Working with the breath and awareness, this training will provide you with the tools to connect with your client – enabling deep relaxation, stillness of mind, and optimal postural alignment.

Deep tissue bodywork fuses techniques from Rebalancing, Holistic Massage, Rolfing and other integral approaches to healing and wellbeing. The training is suitable for everybody who wants to learn bodywork, prior knowledge is not required. However, if you have studied other techniques before, you will be able to deepen your understanding. After completion of the training you will be able to confidently facilitate a full-body deep tissue session.

• freeing the breath by releasing tensions around the chest and diaphragm
• establishing a sense of grounding by working on the legs and feet
• releasing lower back, neck and shoulder tensions (for real!).

We deeply engage the fascia, which can be regarded as an organ that gives the body its structure and form. Through long, deep strokes with the fingers, palms, forearms and elbows, tensions and adhesions get released and chronic holding patterns can dissolve.

• how to be present and relaxed within your own body. This is the basis for working with others
• how to be present with your client and connect with him or her through the body
• how to use conscious touch and awareness to guide your client into a space of deep relaxation and let-go
• an essential understanding of the fascia, its functions, and its importance in working with the body and mind holistically
• how to do a body reading
• how to trust your own impulses and use them in your work.

Each day we dedicate time to connect deeper with ourselves and the group through different active meditations, dance, and sharing circles.


11.100 + VAT = 12.900 SEK


There are currently no upcoming dates for this course

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