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Being a woman

- a group only for women

This workshop is for women. As women we often carry an inner tension or exhaustion that might be out of proportion to our life situation. It is for
you who notice you have a disconnection from your own body and a critical and judgemental attitude towards it. It is also for you who love the adventure of self-exploration.  So often, as women, we spend our time giving to other people. This workshop is a space to take that same love, that same givingness, and give it to ourselves.

We all carry a lot of conditioning which encloses, constricts and cripples us - conditioning about how to be a lover, mother, wife, worker. We also bring with us qualities that are truly female, like a natural capacity for intuition, sensuality, mothering and flowing creativity. In this workshop we will nourish and uncover the true and get distance from the conditioned. We will learn to reclaim the wisdom that women have as a quality of being female - a wisdom that has lost its voice or lies unrecognised inside us.

We will do guided meditations and use deep breathing sessions, trauma-release exercises, dance, and yoga nidra deep-relaxation to open up to ourselves in a loving way.  The wisdom of touch, of vision, of listening and sensing will all be explored, as well as how we can support each other in trusting our intuition. When women come together a special kind of healing power is released that we can take back into our everyday lives.

Agni is trained in reichian work, breath, Gestalt, psychic massage, councelling, inner man inner woman and the meditative therapies. She has worked for several years in the Osho Multiversity in Pune, co-leading Tantra for Women,Fresh Beginnings Part 2, sexual deconditioning, and the Pulsation training. She is a teacher of meditaion and leads the Mystic Rose, one of Osho's meditative therapies. She now works in Europe, leading groups and giving individual sessions.

Moumina Moumina studied dance and body therapy in London. She is trained in Bio-energetics, Pulsation, Primal, Family constellation, Star-sapphire Energywork and is a certified TRE ( trauma release exercise ) provider. Since 1982 she has been working as a therapist internationally.


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