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A group for you have participated in Training for Life

After Training for Life you might feel the need to return, to deepen your connection, to remember your experience. Maybe new and interesting challenges have occurred in your life and you long to consciously look at them.

This group welcomes any issues that have arisen after the training; work, relationship, creativity, anything that needs loving attention. Agni will through personal work, meditations and sharing support you to integrate the space of meditation more into your daily life.

Agni is trained in reichian work, breath, Gestalt, psychic massage, councelling, inner man inner woman and the meditative therapies. She has worked for several years in the Osho Multiversity in Pune, co-leading Tantra for Women,Fresh Beginnings Part 2, sexual deconditioning, and the Pulsation training. She is a teacher of meditaion and leads the Mystic Rose, one of Osho's meditative therapies. She now works in Europe, leading groups and giving individual sessions.


8.300 SEK including VAT 1.165 SEK



MAR 9 Thu 8:00pm -
MAR 12 Sun 3:00pm 2023
With Agni

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