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Who is in?

Who is in? Are you there? Or not?

Looking into the mirror I see my body. But I am not my body. I have a body. Who is the owner of this body? No matter what we call it - it is the innermost core of our being. If we are not in contact with it, if we don't become friends with it, understand its language, know its needs, we cannot be in tune, neither with ourselves nor with nature. “Who Is In?” is the central focus in this powerful retreat. We intend to find ourselves and support each other in this search. We recognise ideas and beliefs, which get in the way and stop us from enjoying ourselves just as we are - without any masks, liberated from out-dated “must, must not; should, should not; want, want not”. We prepare the ground for a rich and harmonious life - in tune with ourselves and All.

Ganga utbildar i Awareness Intensives, Awareness in Communication och massage. Hon har grundat och förestår The Academy of Awareness and Creative Expression. Hon arbetar som terapeut sedan 1975 och har en MA i psykologi med inriktning mot klinisk psykologi. Hon tycker om att kombinera självutforskning med andra kreativa uttryck.


7.700 + MOMS = 8.950


För närvarande finns det inga datum för denna kurs

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