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Door Opener 3


This course focuses on how your childhood affects your life today. We will explore why we make the same mistakes over and over again. Why it is so hard to step out of old, destructive patterns? Why it is so difficult to stop being stressed and start taking care of ourselves?

Our painful early childhood experiences are linked to the development of survival strategies and limiting behavioural patterns that often are repeated in our adult life and hinder us from living the life we want.

During these days you will get support to look at what has been hidden away in your unconscious. All feelings are encouraged to be felt and expressed. By connecting with your inner child and dealing with painful emotional memories in a safe environment, you will increase your understanding of the patterns you took over from others, start healing the wounds from the past and find an acceptance that you are ok just as you are.

Dwari has studied psychology at the University of Berlin. She is trained in breath therapy, primal therapy, tantric therapy, family constellation and Somatic Experiencing - Trauma Healing. Since 1977 she has worked as a therapist with groups and trainings all around the world.

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Moumina Moumina studied dance and body therapy in London. She is trained in Bio-energetics, Pulsation, Primal, Family constellation, Star-sapphire Energywork and is a certified TRE ( trauma release exercise ) provider. Since 1982 she has been working as a therapist internationally.

Praful shares his love of serving the inner potential and the spiritual growth of human beings with passion, joy and commitment.

In his sharings all around the world, he creatively integrates his life experiences as friend, husband, father, traveller and meditator, with multiple approaches for self discovery. He is trained in Life Coaching, Counseling, Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing®), Family and Systemic Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Primal Work, Breath Therapy, NLP, Bioenergetic, BodyWork and Meditation. He is also a registered SIAF in Italy and a certified Trainer Holistic Counsellor. He is one of the leaders of "Path of Love" Process.

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Sudhir studied at the technical university in Munich and worked in the early 80’s as an Engineer at BMW´s developmental centre. In 1987 he came for his first visit to India, where he met Osho. He is educated in Primal Therapy, Bioenergetics, Group Dynamics, NLP, Hellinger Family Constellation, Esoteric Science, Yoga, and Meditation and has been leading seminars and trainings for 20 years.



11.900 + vat =
13.900 SEK


MAY 6 Mon 8:00pm -
MAY 12 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Dwari & Praful

To participate in Door Opener 3 we require that you have already participated in Door Opener 1 & 2 or similar.

This group is held in English. 

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