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Door Opener 1

Our stress, exhaustion and relationship problems are often linked to having forgotten ourselves and the fact that we live to satisfy other people's needs. To discover that we all carry anger, longing, vulnerability and sadness is a big step, since we normally deny these feelings. If you long to open the door to your inner, this four days' group is for you.

We spend much of our time in a sort of emotionless numbness, a state of living dead that protects us from pain but also hinders us from feeling the joy of living in the presence. If we want to keep our health and feel good in our lives we need to welcome all of our feelings.

Door Opener 1 is the foundation of our entire program and we recommend everyone to start here. Breathing exercises and various active meditations are introduced that will help you to awaken and discover the life energy that exists in all of us. You will begin to experience a broader spectrum of emotions and you will start to relate to yourself and others in a more genuine and loving way.

Gayan has more than twenty years experience of personal growth and therapist training that includes the RISK Therapist Training in Denmark, The School for the Work with Byron Katie and Primal Awareness Counsellor Training with Sudha. In her natural and loving presence people feel safe and dare to open up and face their feelings. Gayan has together with her husband Vedam founded Baravara.


8.012,50 + VAT =
9.350 SEK

Price from 1st January 2019:
8.400 + vat =
9.800 SEK


JAN 9 Wed 8:00pm -
JAN 13 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

FEB 6 Wed 8:00pm -
FEB 10 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

MAR 20 Wed 8:00pm -
MAR 24 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

APR 3 Wed 8:00pm -
APR 7 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

MAY 15 Wed 8:00pm -
MAY 19 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

JUN 12 Wed 8:00pm -
JUN 16 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

JUL 24 Wed 8:00pm -
JUL 28 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

AUG 21 Wed 8:00pm -
AUG 25 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

SEP 11 Wed 8:00pm -
SEP 15 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

OCT 9 Wed 8:00pm -
OCT 13 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

NOV 6 Wed 8:00pm -
NOV 10 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

DEC 4 Wed 8:00pm -
DEC 8 Sun 3:00pm 2019
With Gayan

Door Opener 1 is given in Swedish but a translator can be arranged for an extra fee.

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